Our webinar on international start ups and food waste is approaching (Monday 21st Sept. 2020, 15.30-17 CEST)

Series of webinars: food waste heroes – circular economy is us!

Europe together with the rest of the world is facing key challenges that shape our globe and our times: climate change, food waste crisis, socio-economic unrests, COVID-19, just to name the few.

Europe is trying to face them with new strategic documents such as Green Deal, new business models, new ideas and alike.

Kasia Geiger (https://www.linkedin.com/in/katarzyna-geiger-19b0a643/): CEO of the Swiss start-up called Green Dream Lab) & Tomasz Szuba (https://www.facebook.com/tomasz.szuba.988/): CEO of the Polish start-up called Venturis HoReCa – https://www.facebook.com/KuMinSys) have decided to join forces and organize a series of workshops to support circular economy and zero waste with specific focus on different aspects of food especially fight against food waste.

The umbrella name for the series of webinars is: Food waste heroes – circular economy is us!Kasia&Tomasz idea is to:
• group people with ideas and vision towards circularity and food waste,
• create a platform for exchange of views and experiences,
• inspire and change reality for better and not for worse.In our series of webinars we would like to invite interesting people from private, public, and non-governmental institutions who believe change towards circular, greener economy, and less food waste is not only possible but it is necessity, reality, and a strong individual and institutional obligation of our times.

Changing the world for better is our duty towards next generations to come.During series of webinars we will be focusing on the following topics:
• Circular economy & start-ups across Europe: ideas and challenges.
• Measuring food waste: challenges and results across different sectors and institutions.
• Recycling of food waste raw materials.
• Industrial food waste.
• Fighting food waste in municipalities, education etc.
• Zero waste and less food waste at homes.
• Greenwashing: what it is and how to fight it.
• Zero waste in automobile industry – can hospitality industry draw any lessons from car manufacturers?

Contact info:
If you would like to join and discuss with us, you are more than welcome at:
Kasia Geiger (CH): k.geiger@greendreamslab.com
Tomasz Szuba (PL): tomasz.szuba@venturishoreca.com

Food waste heroes – circular economy is us!Webinar no. 1: Food waste international start ups.

Following persons and start ups will present their ideas fo circularity and food waste:

1. Mantė Šidlauskaitė CEO@Cogastro: Lithuanian start up to discuss Sustainability behind insect farming: the case of Black Soldier Fly;

2. Blazhka Dimitrova (https://www.facebook.com/blazhkadimitrova.author) @Zero Wave: Bulgarian start up to present their idea of biodegradable tableware made of by-products;

3. Patryk Paluszek CEO@Frens: Polish pet food company, creating sustainable dog food.

4. Kasia Geiger (https://www.linkedin.com/in/katarzyna-geiger-19b0a643/) CEO@GreenDreamLab: Swiss start up to discuss imprtance of food waste in industrial processes

5. Tomasz Szuba CEO@Venturis HoReCa: Polish start up to discuss food waste in hospitality industry.

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